About the Company

Saunasell OÜ has more than 7 years of experience in manufacturing barrel saunas. During this time, we have mastered the art of manufacturing the highest quality barrel saunas.

We have specialized in the production and marketing of barrel saunas, sauna huts, camping houses and hot tubs with various shapes and sizes. We offer standard and custom solutions.

Our products can be found in Estonia, the Nordic countries and all across Europe. We have exported our products to more than 12 countries.

We aim to offer high-quality products to our customers; therefore, we use modern equipment and only the best high-quality raw materials in manufacturing our products. We use dried spruce wood or thermally treated wood in the manufacturing of our products. The thickness of both of these materials is 42 mm. These materials have good thermal insulation properties; therefore, you can enjoy your sauna also in winter, even in freezing –20°C. Our work is always based on the customer’s needs and preferences. If necessary, we may help our customers with transport.

Our mission is to provide professional service and high-quality products to our customers, to be a flexible sauna producer who takes into account the customer’s needs, to be a reliable partner to our customers and associates and to adhere to deadlines.

We value partnership highly and we are open to new ideas. We strive for development. We are experienced!

Each of our saunas is a unique piece of handicraft.