Barrel saunas

A barrel sauna is something special. Sometimes the barrel sauna is called a outdoor or tube sauna. The barrel sauna is a classic sauna with the distinctive shape of a round barrel. The round shape of the sauna helps the steam to reach all layers of air inside the room.

We offer standard barrel sauna models with one or two rooms and many custom solutions according to the customer’s needs. The inner doors of the sauna are made of glass and you can order the outer door to be made of wood. You can add window(s) to the sauna. A large selection of colours for the exterior and the roof allows you to design your own unique sauna and to match the sauna with your garden.

Advantages of the barrel sauna

  • Fits perfectly to rural or urban gardens or next to water bodies
  • Lightweight and installed easily
  • Can be used all year round
  • Heats up quickly
  • No permanent foundation is needed
  • No design projects, building permits or other approvals are needed
  • No sewer drainage or electricity is needed
  • A great sauna at a favourable price